Centre for Transitional Justice and Post-conflict Reconstruction


Collaborative Graduate Program Students

Name Program Research Interests Email
Sandra Biskupski-Mujanovic Ph.D. Candidate WSFR women's justice, peacekeeping, global justice initiatives, informal truth-telling, ethnic conflict sbiskups@uwo.ca
Saadia Bokhari Ph.D. Candidate Law Restorative Justice in Criminal Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution in Family Law sbokhar@uwo.ca
Allison Cordoba Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology Internally Displaced People, Victims of Conflict, Colombia, Development, Gendered Vulnerabilities, Dignity, Post-Conflict Justice abryan7@uwo.ca
Jacob Evoy Ph.D. Candidate, WSFR Genocide studies, queer theory, queer history, heteronormality and transitional justice, multi-generational trauma, memory studies, AIDS epidemic jevoy2@uwo.ca
Tamara Hinan Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science Transitional justice, forensic anthropology thinan@uwo.ca
Tammy Lambert Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science Precursory investigative institutions and truth commissions; case study – South Africa tlamber8@uwo.ca
Mayme Lefurgey Ph.D. Candidate, WSFR Transnational feminist organizing, elicitive peacebuilding and decolonizing peace theory and practice mlefurge@uwo.ca
Emily Maschas Master’s Candidate, Political Science Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission emaschas@uwo.ca
Brandon Melo Master's Candidate, Political Science The Responsibility to Protect: Third Pillar – Rebuild bmelo@uwo.ca
Rowan Morris Ph.D. Candidate, WSFR Indigenous literature, decolonization, food sovereignty rmorri33@uwo.ca
Sarah Nimigan Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science Gender, human rights, international law snimigan@uwo.ca
Gina Snooks Ph.D. Candidate, WSFR Decolonizing trauma work, Indigenous feminist theories, trauma and testimony, autoethnography and auto/biography gsnooks@uwo.ca
Craig Spurrier Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology Nationalism, Oceania, Peace-building, Sovereignty cspurrie@uwo.ca
Kirsten Stefanik Ph.D. Candidate, Law International Humanitarian Law, Non-international Armed Conflicts, Non-state actors kstefan4@uwo.ca
Shirley Wales Ph.D. Candidate, Law Dispute resolution, transformative potential, Indian residential schools, Ontario Consent and Capacity Board swales4@uwo.ca