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  • Add Transitional Justice to your graduate studies:

    Add Transitional Justice to your graduate studies

  • Professor Adam Harmes doing field work in Kurdistan:

    Professor Adam Harmes doing field work in Kurdistan


The Centre for Transitional Justice has moved!  Find us in SSC 1016C.


June 14-15, 2018
Conference: Exploring the Pre-Conditions of Successful Transitional Justice
The conference will consider whether and how particular activities and institutions could be put in place that would somehow undergird or shore up the transitional justice activities that will be convoked at a later stage. Recent work suggests that front-ending transitional justice processes with elements that somehow "cement" the transitional justice work will ultimately make it more successful. The goal of the conference us to better understand the importance of such activities.
Further details here [PDF - Updated May 28th].


Joanna Quinn appointed a Fellow of the Broadbent Institute

TJ Director Joanna Quinn has been appointed a Fellow of the Broadbent Institute, as part of a diverse, multidisciplinary group of distinguished scholars, policy experts, and leaders from the Canadian business community and civil society who impact public debate in support of progressive change. Read more

Mayme Lefurgey in Western News

Mayme Lefurgey (WSFR and TJ) is profiled with her unique field research in the latest issue of the Western News. Read more

CBC Op-ed

Amneet Singh Bali (Law/LLM and TJ) has published an op-ed. for CBC News about learning to cope with past trauma. Read the full piece

Welcome our new postdoc!

The TJ Centre is delighted to welcome Rachelle Kouassi as a postdoctoral research fellow for the next 18 months.  Dr. Kouassi’s project considers “Sexual violence as a weapon of war: what forms of reparations are appropriate for victims?” Her work is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.


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